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Pupsi Daisy Grooming Salon

Address: 614 N. Eddie Street
City: Grand Island
State: NE
Phone: (308) 675-0439

Because no one wants to see a beagle with bed head, a Dachshund with dandruff or a shih tzu who needs a shampoo, they opened Pupsi Daisy Grooming salon…everything your best friend might need to stay looking and a smelling great. From clips to baths, nail trimming to ear cleaning, dental cleaning to gland expression, It takes dog lovers to appreciate all your pet’s needs and an understanding of what they mean to you…so see Christal and Amber with over 10 years of certified experience with animals…

Customers can earn $5.00 discounts for each referral…

Right now the first 100 new customers have a chance to win a years free grooming.  So hurry up make your appointment today so you have a chance to save money on your pet care over the next year. 

Pupsi Daisy Grooming Salon is now open and taking appointments. The Groomers are formally of Island Pet Resort. Christal has trained under a Master Groomer and a Show Groomer and Amber has worked with the Humane Society, been grooming for 5 years with the owner of Island Pet Resort, and has a degree in Equestrian Sciences.  They truly and sincerely love animals and care about your pet’s health, safety, and incredible looks. 

Grooming services offered include Hair Cuts, Baths, Nails, Tooth Brushing, Ears, & Gland Expression.

Bath walk-ins are welcome!