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Legislature faces busy day of debate

Well they could hear some heated debate… taking quick look at the agenda today, two bills related to prison reform are scheduled. Lawmakers are also set to take up the highway construction bond issue again… as well as debate raising the minimum wage and even Sen. Mike Gloor's bill requiring legislative approval to move state services-inspired by the vets home move… are on the schedule. No telling how much they'll get to.

Yesterday was supposed to be the final reading for LR41 CA… a constitutional amendment that would allow wagering on live or replayed horseraces. But, just like the final debate on the mountain lion hunting bill… this one faced a filibuster attempt. Its leader-Sen. Beau McCoy. Who argued it would be an illegal expansion of gambling… under the disguise of an attempt to help the horseracing industry.
A number of other senators spoke against the resolution, too. Sen. Bill Kintner said he likes horseracing… but that the proposal crosses a line that he's not comfortable even nearing, since Nebraskans voted down expanding gambling a few years ago.
Though the legislature ended the filibuster against it, the measure hasn't come before it for a final vote.

During that afternoon session they advanced a bill to ban new forms of popular synthetic drugs, including K2 and bath salts. It was introduced this year as part of Attorney General Jon Bruning's annual legislative package. Nebraska's current ban on K2 was enacted in 2011 and updated last year, but overseas chemists have kept adjusting the drug's formula to skirt the ban. K2 mimics the effects of marijuana.

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