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Supreme Court tackles religious freedom in ACA challenge

Do profit-making businesses have religious rights? The Supreme Court is wrestling with that question in a case that involves two family-owned companies. The owners of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties provide health insurance to their employees but object to covering certain methods of birth control -- coverage that is required under the health care law. Their case was heard yesterday by the Supreme Court. Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Ben Sasse supports the chain store's owners in taking a stand… as he told us live in studio this morning. The Midland University president is in the tri cities today holding town hall meetings to talk about his Anti-Obamacare recovery plan. He says it's not a replacement for the Affordable Care Act-it is a plan to repeal it and start anew. Another Republican U.S. Senate Candidate came out yesterday saying he's worried about government infringing on religious beliefs, too. Bart McCleay held a series of "From Our Courthouse To Yours" rallies across the state in support of the fight for religious freedom. McCleay said, "Obamacare is the greatest threat to pro-life values since Roe v. Wade."

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