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Food price gain due to weather

We've been hearing a lot about the increased cost at the grocery stores. Well, the drought in the West, dry conditions in the southern Plains and a severe winter in the North could be reasons for the increased beef production forecast for 2014. U-S Department of Agriculture Outlook Board Chairman Gerry Bange says those weather conditions may have prompted producers to send cattle to market sooner but production continues to drop. Statistics show those numbers will drop another 4 1/2% from last year. Bange says that means prices will continue to climb and another $6 was added per hundred-weight to last month's forecast. We're also seeing pork prices rise… the reason. The virus PED is having an impact on the hog inventory. Hog slaughter rates are down and the virus is cutting supplies. One year ago the PED virus was reported in one state. It is now in 26 states, including Nebraska. 

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